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How to Start a Blog Step-by-Step Guide to Create Blog

Are you confuse about how to start a blog? today in this article i will guide you on how to start a blog when i am starting my blogging journey and i search too much but do not get any nice piece of content on how to create a blog. so don’t worry i am here for you to help you so let’s begin to learn and start your online blogging carrier thanks for visiting loudupdates.

When i am starting my blogging carrier in 2018 it,s a little bit hard for me how do i start a blog i spend daily many hours on how to start a successful blog. so i am going to explain to you everything step by step guide on blog startup for beginners. i am sure after reading this article you are ready to start your own blog it’s not difficult to build your blog website.

Easy Guidance For Beginners To Start A Blog

Starting a blog in 2021 it’s so easy for everyone just in 20 minutes you can build your blog website. so when someone starting a blog they are confused and doing tons of mistakes i am also done the same mistakes in my past blogging carrier.

I don’t want you done the same mistakes in your blogging journey this article is perfect for every beginner who wants to start their blog.

Let’s begin to learn how to start a blog?

Step 1: Choose a profitable niche for your blog

Before starting a blog make sure you select the right blog niche for your blog.

How to confirm your select niche is perfect for your blog, for example, make sure your niche traffic is good and also search deeply and confirm there is not high competition if there are already many bloggers working on this niche then there is no good chance for you to grow in this niche.

So search your niche and your niche keywords search volume you need a keyword research tool i especially recommend you the Semrush keyword tool try this tool with 7 days free trial if you found a Semrush Keyword Research tool profitable for your blogging carrier then purchase it.

This tool helps you to search any keyword volume plus competitions how many bloggers already working on these keywords.

Before confirming your niche make sure you check these things to build your blog.

  • Check the niche search volume.
  • Explore competitors.
  • Analyze earning potential.

So once you analyze a niche then your mind is clear to work on this niche and you can identify how much this niche can give you money in feature blogging. so if your main focus is to earn with Adsense then i am already writing an article on this highest paying AdSense niche so read this article and get more information before blog startup.

Step 2: Pick a domain name

So before starting your blog choosing the right domain is important so buying a domain name and the price is almost 10$ to 15$ but don’t worry just read this article i will guide you on how to get a free domain name for 1 year if your blog is a success and you are happy with your blogging or growing day by day then you can review your domain name and continued your blogging journey.

So are you still confused about what is a domain name? so the domain name is your blog custom address, for example, loudupdates.com is our website name. so with the right domain name, you can rank your blog better so i recommend you choose a short and rememberable domain name as our domain name loudupdates.

So choosing the right domain name it’s easy for your visitor to return back to your website. they simply enter your domain name in the browser search bar and visit your website also if you make your blog SEO friendly then many people will come to your website through search engine results.

So i personally recommend you “dot com” domain because dot com is the most popular it,s not mean you cannot buy if your niche is diffident or the “dot com” domain os not available you can select other extensions like “dot net” “dot co” “dot org” “dot info” “dot store” etc.

So, for example, you already like a domain and you thinking to buy this domain but the domain name is not available then i recommend you Bluehost. Bluehost gives you time to research one new domain and buy it at any time it’s free for 1 year behind below i give you a tool just search your domain with this and get it for free with a 60% hosting discount.

Step 3: Get Web Hosting (Low Cost)

So once you select your domain name then you need hosting to host your website.

So it’s important to choose the right hosting service especially recommend BlueHost hosting. so if you are a beginner then you can go with the lowest hosting plan once your website growing and getting a good amount of visitors daily basis then you can update your hosting plan in a feature.

So in feature updating your hosting plan, it’s not difficult for you because your blog is growing and you already earn a good amount from your blog.

I am doing blogging from 2018 and in my past, i do the same mistakes when i am a beginner i purchase hosting from the wrong places so don’t do in your blogging carrier many hosting providers are a reseller and they are not trusted. so if you want to make your blogging feature secure then go with a branded hosting company like Bluehost hosting.

So if you go with Bluehost then will give your a free domain for one year and also the good thing is the Bluehost support team is available 24/7 so if you face any problem you can connect with them through live chat and solve it your problem.

So many companies give your free domain for the first year if you want to save 10$ to 15$ on just a domain then purchase with Bluehost it does not mean just on a domain if you purchase 12 months of hosting you can save 1/2$ per month or 24/36 month you can save 3/4$ per month up to 50$ to 100$ you can save on hosting and domain purchase go with Bluehost Coupon Code Automatically added.

Step 4: Create a WordPress Blog

So in this section, i will guide you on how to set up your hosting account and install WordPress on your hosting by just click and create a WordPress blog and start your online journey and make money online with a blog.

In this guide, i will show you how to host your blog on Bluehost so make sure you follow my steps carefully and get a 60% discount on hosting with our coupon code applied link.

1. Go to Bluehost Homepage

Visit the Bluehost website and click on the “Get Started” button.


get start now bluehosting

2. Choose your hosting plan

So if you are creating a blog first time then go with a basic plan. so in feature, your blog grows and you get a good amount of traffic then you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time. so basically Bluehost recommending your choice plus with this plan you can host an unlimited website and unlimited storage also choice plus come with Domain Privacy + Protection. so if your budget is good then go with the recommending plan by Bluehost.

select hosting plan

Basic plan

  • 1 Website
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard Performance
  • 1 Included Domain
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • 25 Subdomains
  • $3.95/mo* Normally $7.99
  • Get basic plan

Plus Plan

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Spam Experts
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days
  • $5.95/mo* Normally $10.99
  • Get plus plan

Choice Plus Plan

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Spam Experts
  • Domain Privacy + Protection
  • Site Backup – Free 1 yr
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days
  • Get choice plus plan

Pro Plan

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High Performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 2 Spam Experts
  • Domain Privacy + Protection
  • Site Backup – Free for hosting term
  • Dedicated IP
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days
  • Get pro plan

Once you select your hosting plan then you will get a discount on purchasing a 12/24/36 month plan so don’t be confuse you will see this discount on the payment checkout.

3. Set up your domain

I already explain to you what a is domain and how to select your domain name if you have not read this section so jump to Pick a domain name. the domain name identity of your website so makes sure you select the right domain name before purchasing so once you purchase a domain. then there is no u-turn available once you select your domain.

Set up your domain

If your selected domain is not available it’s mean someone already purchases your like domain so don’t worry Bluehost will suggest you some other domains and also you have one more step you can create a domain later.

choose free domain later

4. Register Bluehost Account

The next step is very important filling your Bluehost account information make sure you type your original name and other original personal information because in a feature you will face problems if you create an account with fake information. also, Bluehost allows you to sign in with Google to set up your Bluehost account easier.

creat bluehost account

Select hosting package information

Bluehost gives you different types of packages on your demand like 12,24 & 36-month hosting plans. so if you want more discount then select a 36-month plan for example if you choose 12 months hosting then this plan costs you 5$ per month and if you choose 36 months then this plan costs you 3$ per month.

Select hosting package information

So if you thinking to do blogging for the long term then go with a 36-month hosting plan.

Package Extras

bluehost package extras

If you want Bluehost package extras so then you can buy. so this option is not important to use for startup bloggers but if you understand then use Bluehost package extras. so if you want to hide your domain privacy for example where you buy a domain and your buying personal information hide personal data from a global database. so if you use some package extras service then you will charge more extra money.

Payment Information

In Bluehost last step enter your payment information like a credit card and complete your purchase. then click on the checkbox like i accept the privacy policy and then click on the submit button.

bluehost payment information

Hooray, you successfully purchase Bluehost hosting. So Bluehost sends you more details in your registered email once payment is done. also, you need to verify your email address to access Bluehost full services and activate your domain name.

5. Let’s create your account

create your account bluehost

The next step is to create your account fill password and required information. in just a few seconds your account is ready to use, click on the login button enter Domain Name, Email & Password.

Once you complete these steps then click “skip this step” directly jump into the dashboard.

bluehost create a website

6. Launch your blog

Before launching your blog Bluehost show you some recommended customization. so you can customize as your need before “launch your blog” so once you click on “launch my site” your blog goes live and everyone can visit your blog.

So click on WordPress and you will go to your blog WordPress dashboard. so if you are using WordPress the first time then maybe it’s difficult for you but don’t worry if you explore your dashboard you will understand everything so happy blogging.

Step 5: Select a theme and customize your blog

First of all you need a good theme and customize it as you want. in the WordPress dashboard go to the “Appearance” section and click on “Themes” in the theme section you can search for any theme so if you want to know my recommendation then i will recommend you Generatepress theme this theme is a premium theme 49$. so if you have a good budget then go with this theme if you want better SEO results and good user engagements. my top 3 recommendations and most popular WordPress theme.

  1. Generatepress theme (i am using)
  2. Elegant Themes
  3. Elementor
  4. Newspaper theme
  5. Zox News & Magazine Theme
  6. Arnold theme
  7. Read WP theme
  8. Crate – Minimalist WP Theme
  9. Typology theme
  10. X | The Theme
  11. Uncode – WooCommerce & Creative Multiuse WP Theme
  12. Rosa – Shopping Sport & Accessories theme
  13. Trending WordPress theme list

If your blog niche is different then go to the WordPress theme store and get any theme as your needs. so don’t be confused you can customize the theme and change the full theme to look like my website.

It’s not mean you need only a premium theme if you don’t have a good budget then you can use WordPress recommended popular theme from your WordPress theme dashboard.

Step 6: Install Plugin in WordPress

Do you know about WordPress plugins it’s very important to install some important plugins to your WordPress. so make sure to use only important plugins it’s not mean you install too many plugins on your WordPress website. if you do this your website will go slow or crash just install a needed and important plugin also never install a plugin from a third party or cracked version.

  • Advanced Editor Tools: must install this plugin in your WordPress dashboard if you want to write an article smoothly.
  • Easy Table of Contents: so if you want to show your header tag in the table of contents then you need to install this plugin.
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com: this plugin is from WordPress and also WordPress recommends you make sure you install this plugin if you want to see your website status page views, post views, keywords, etc.
  • Rank Math SEO: which type of your blog it does not matter you need to install this plugin to boost your website SEO and rank your blog on google also watch the RankMath Video Tutorial.
  • Shortcodes Ultimate: visual components for WordPress, so if you want to make your post stylish and want more user engagements then this plugin is for you.
  • wpDiscuz: if you want to make your comment more stylish and secure comment section then use this plugin.
  • Akismet Spam Protection: anti-spam protection to block spam comments.
  • Contact Form 7: so many visitors visiting your website and want to contact you so use this plugin it’s easy for your visitors to contact you.

Hooray! you just customized your blog so if you are a beginner then i recommend you explore more WordPress to learn more. this plugin is important so if you need more than installing more WordPress plugins make sure you install a limited plugin.

Step 7: Start Writing Content

Once you have done all steps then start writing articles on your blog. so which blog niche do you select write on your niche and grow your blog. writing a blog article is an art if you are really a beginner then first learn about this and write proper articles for better results on your blog.

It’s not mean writing and just writing also quality article is important because google spider crawl your article they understand your content what you write.

You writing content on any topic makes sure you write an understandable article once your visitor visits your website make sure they stay on your website and get valuable content from your website. it’s a good single for your website to rank so always try to provide information and helpful article.

First of all search keywords how much competition on your target keyword and also traffic. try this keyword research tool to help you to rank better on google just try a 7-day free trial if you found this keyword tool helpful for you then get a premium version.

Step 8: Promote your blog and get traffic

Getting traffic from search results like google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines is taking some time. so start promoting your content on social media and get readers for your blog. Share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Linked In, and many other social media so before sharing make sure you read the policy if you violate they will block your domain.

Sharing is caring but it,s not mean you start violated policy if you did this then many social media will block your domain.

Submit your blog to a search engine

If you want traffic from search results then make sure you submit your blog to webmaster tools like Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster. also make sure you submit your blog sitemap for auto-indexing.

Guest blogging

Do you know what is guest blogging? basically, you wrote an article on a different blog website, and in return, they give you a backlink from their website and it’s a good signal for your blog to rank faster on search results. make sure you do a guest post in your niche blog it’s not a means to start guest posting everywhere.

Be active in your niche

Make sure you are active in your blog niche communities like forums, groups, websites, etc to better understand and build your authority blog. make good relationships with other bloggers it helps your blog and others you will understand everything that’s going on in your niche community.

Step 9: Make money blogging

If you have good traffic on your blog then making money from the blog it’s so easy. monetizing your blog there are so many different ways to earn money from your blog. First of all, make sure you provide value to your audience to give them an informational article from your blog. so it depends on your niche if you choose a perfect and right niche then you can earn a good amount of money with low traffic but if you select the wrong niche then you cannot earn good money from a blog.

Run ads on your blog

A perfect and easy way to make money from your blog is placing ads on your blog. a most popular publisher ad network is Google AdSense. now submit your website and get approval from AdSense and make money from advertisements.

Affiliate Programs

You can earn double money with an affiliate commission program if your website is for a targeted audience it’s not mean your audience is different and you recommending products. basically, you place an affiliate link in your article, and when your visitor clicks on your link and you earn a commission if they purchase anything. it’s base on the product how much commission you will earn.

Selling Products and Services

Start selling products on your blog and earn money from your own products and services. so it depends on you how much you are a creative person or how you can convert your audience into profit. so for example your blog is about how to blogging so you can give services to your visitors like making their blog, design their blog, SEO their blog, etc.

If you want more engagements on your own products then use a sidebar or create a page for a better response from your visitors.

You can earn money from published articles on your website. advertisers always looking for publishers who will publish their posts on authority blogs. it all depends on your niche if your niche is good then you will get a higher rate. usually, advertisers promoting their products and services so this is a good opportunity to earn money from the guest posts.

FAQ About How To Start A Blog

Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, you can start your free blog on blogger and many other different platforms but you can not earn good money. if you are really interested in blogging life and if you want to make blogging your full-time job then i already explain to you in this article how to start a blog. so invest some money on your blog and return into profit.

What makes a successful blog?

You. it is your smart work, not hard work yes if you are a creative and a smart person then you can manage your blog. make your blog your passion and don’t focus on money and traffic focus on your content and your blog design or smart work on your blog then visitors & earning opportunities come to your blog.

  • Work smart not hard
  • Show your passion
  • Keep writing an informational post
  • Keep work original
  • Make a unique article
  • Make a unique website design

Why do blogs fail?

Many new beginners blogger start their blog but they are failed. there are many reasons they are not successful in their blogging life. if you really want to become a successful person in blogging then show your passion for blogging you are honest in your blogging.

Why many bloggers fail the reason is simple they are not doing smart work they are a beginner and they don’t know how to work on a blog. so never focus on money always try to focus on your content if your content and your work are original then you will become a successful person.


I hope after reading my blog post you are ready to start a blog. i explain to you everything about how to start a blog so still if you have some questions in your mind and you are still confused about starting your blog then leave a comment.

I will replay you and solve your problem and if you found some mistake in my article and if i miss something then let me know thanks for spending your time on loudupdates that’s all about how to start a blog.

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