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Undead World Hero Survival Tier List (June 2024)

We know you want to know more about the undead world hero survival tier list; here in this article, we will share the undead world tier list to read and become a better player.

If you know about tier lists, then it is easy for you to select the right player for your team and win battles. We hope you already know the game story, how to play, and what to do in-game. So, let’s talk about the undead world tier list.

So, the Undead World game is new, and this is not a final and complete tier list, so in a feature, we will update this tier list when the game developer releases a new character. We will also update this tier list for you to know more about the tier list.

Undead World Tier List

Tier List Undead World Heroes
Tier – SS Helen, Conor, Astra
Tier – S Leigh, Tanya, Britney, Murray, Meredith, Nadeem, Gabriel
Tier – A Tyler, Sam, Henry
Tier – B Rock, Lita, Kieran
Tier – C Webster, Jones, Cady, Abigail, Nils


Area of Effect: Undead World Tier List

The area of effect is damaging enemies and is best for fighting with enemies and always ready to attack.

Character Tier List
Rock Tier – A
Sam Tier – S

Range: Undead World Tier List

These players have the power to attack from afar and also give good damage to enemies.

Character Tier List
Webster Tier – B
Olivia Tier – A
Kieran Tier – C
Murray Tier – S

Melee: Undead World Tier List

Melee heroes are short-range attackers, and They can damage enemies from short-range, not long distances.

Character Tier List
Tyler Tier – B
Helen Tier – S
Henry Tier – C
Tanya Tier – A

Tank: Undead World Tier List

Tank heroes are powerful, and they have the power to protect you from enemies; you need to select tank heroes in your team.

Character Tier List
Gabriel Tier – B
Connor Tier – S
Jones Tier – C
Abigail, Tammy Tier – A

Support: Undead World Tier List

The support player is recovering the damage from enemies, and the support player is recovering your health.

Character Tier List
Meredith Tier – A
Lita Tier – C
Astra Tier – S
Leigh, Nadeem Tier – B


That’s all the undead world tier list in the feature. When the developer releases a new character, we will also update this list for you to know more, but at the moment, that’s all. In features, there is hope that a new character is under development.

Undead World Bonuses & Factions

In an undead world hero survival, you will find many different factions, and every faction differs from the others.

The best thing is in undead world survival; if you select mix team, you will get 20% plus damage. So, in some cases, if you select some same tier character or mixed character then this will happen.

  • convert with gungiro
  • Collegium with Sugar Reaper
  • change with gungir
  • blue banshee with beehive
  • Sugar Bitters with Blue Banshee
  • hive with collegium

Also, select characters from the same faction to get some bonus.

  • If you select 4 heroes from the same faction, you will get 15% plus attack power and 15% plus HP.
  • If you select 2 heroes from different factions and 3 from the same faction, you will get 10% plus attack power and 10% plus HP.
  • If you select 5 heroes from the same faction, you will get 20% plus attack power and 20% plus HP.
  • If you select 2 heroes from the same faction, you will get 5% plus attack power and 5% plus HP.


I hope after reading this post on the undead world tier list is helpful for you to understand which player is perfect for you to play. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.

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