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Dislyte Tier List: Best Espers In All Modes (June 2024)

Dislyte is a tier list system that allows users to rate items or characters on a scale of 1-5. The Dislyte Tier List system is based on a five-point scale, with S being the highest rank and F being the lowest rank. The system is divided into five different tiers, each with its own color and rank. The five tiers are S (Excellent), A (Good), B (Average), C (Poor), and F (Failure).

The Dislyte Tier List allows gamers to compare items or characters easily. It’s beneficial for online gamers who want to quickly assess the strength of their opponents’ characters or weapons. It also helps users to identify which items or characters are the strongest and weakest, allowing them to make informed decisions when selecting their team or equipment.

Dislyte Tier List

Tier Esper Role
S+ Lin Xiao DEF Down, Bleed, DPS, SPD Down, Diseased
S+ Clara Shield, Healer, Immunity, Remove Debuffs, Support, Increase AP
S+ Gabrielle AoE & Immunity, DEF Down, DPS
S+ Ahmed Reduce Cooldown, ATK Up, Support, Healing
S+ Sally ATK Up & Healer, Remove Debuff, Immunity
S+ Unas AoE & Increase AP, Immunity, DEF Down
S+ Lucas Remove Buff, Increase AP, Stun, AoE
S Laura Silence, Shield, CRIT RESIST
S Chloe Buff Blocker, Steal Buff, DPS
S Fabrice Increase AP, Invincibility, Support, Healer, Immunity, Recovery
S Sienna SPD Up, Stun, Increase AP, Reduce AP, ATK Up
S Li Ling Self Healing, Steal AP, DPS
S Triki Buff Blocker, Stun, Miss Rate Up, AoE, Debuff
S Tiye CC, Steal AP, SPD Down, Disabler
S Catherine Remove Debuff, Miss Rate Up, Standoff, Support, Increase AP
S Narmer ATK Up, DPS
A Asenath Healer, Recovery, Remove Buff, Increase AP
A Nicole Sear, DEF Up, Revive, Invincibility
A Lewis DPS
A Donar DPS, Immunity, Tank
A Ren Si Standoff, Tank, DEF Down, ATK Down
A Raven AoE, DEF Down, DPS, Steal Buff, Remove Buff, Remove Debuff, Mark
A Jin Yuyao Remove Debuffs, CC, Support, Immunity
A Pritzker Stun, Reduce AP, Disabler
A Tevor DPS, True Damage, Sear
A Jeanne Remove Buffs, Reduce AP, Stun
A Long Mian Freeze, SPD Down, AoE, Support, Reduce AP
A Bonnie Remove Buff, Reduce AP, Stun, Reduce AP, Increase AP
A Ollie Silence, Taunt, DEF Down, Recovery, Invincibility
A Ye Suhua Invincibility, Healer, DEF Up, ATK Down, Support, ATK Up
A Hyde Remove Buff, AoE, Buff Blocker
A Heng Yue Remove Debuff, Remove Buff, Healer, Support
A Tang Yun Stun, DPS
A Sander Reduce AP, SPD Down, DPS, SPD Up
A Zora DPS, Diseased, Buff Blocker
B Chang Pu Reduce AP, Healer, Support
B Xiao Yin DPS
B Biondina Remove Buff, AoE, Buff Blocker
B Celine Reduce AP, SPD Up, Sleep, Remove Debuff
B Tang Xuan DEF Down, AoE, DPS, Diseased
B Berenice Reduce AP, DEF Down, Support
B Freddy Remove Buff, ATK Up, DPS
B Xie Chuyi DPS, SPD Down, DEF Down, DPS, Sear, C.RATE Up
B Eira Increase AP, Remove Debuff, SPD Up
B Mona AoE, DPS
B Anesidora SPD Up, ATK Down, Stun, Remove Buff
B Stewart Remove Buff, AoE, Buff Blocker
B Lynn Shield, ATK Down, Immunity, Remove Buff
B Meredith Poison, DEF Up, SPD Up, CRIT RESIST, Reduce Max HP
B Lauren Revive, SPD Down, Increase AP, Support, Healer
B Drew DEF Down, DPS
B Melanie Reduce AP, Petrification, Disabler
B Unky Chai Reduce Cooldown, Crit Rate Up, Increase AP, ATK Up
B Dhalia Increase AP, SPD Down, Stun, C.RATE Up
C Kaylee Freeze, SPD Down, C.RATE Up, Reduce AP
C Djoser Tank, DEF Down, Taunt
C Cecilia Immunity, Healer, Revive, Remove Debuffs, Increase AP
C Falken ATK Down, Counterattack, Silence, Debuff
C Lu Yi Bleed, Ignore DEF, DPS
C Luo Yan Diseased, Recovery, Support, Revive, ATK Up, Healer
C Xie Yuzhi Steal AP, SPD Up, Stun
C Zelmer DEF Down, DPS
C Q Support
C Jacob Poison, Support
C Jiang Man Silence, DPS
D Arcana Steal Buff, Miss Rate Up, Support, Silence
D Alexa Remove Buff, Miss Rate Up, Support
D Bai Liuli Remove Debuff, Silence, Steal Buff
D Taylor ATK Up, DPS, C.RATE Up, Remove Buffs
D Kara Poison, SPD Down, Diseased
D Chalmers Buff Blocker, Diseased, DPS
D Leon Sear, Diseased, DPS
D David Reduce AP, Taunt, Steal Buff, DPS, Stun, ATK Down
F Bardon DEF Up, Stun, Tank
F Layla Remove Debuff, Stun, Poison, Support, Diseased
F Li Ao Remove Buff, Disabler, Devour, Tank, Taunt
F Helena Healer, Reduce AP, Remove Buff
F Brynn Freeze, SPD Down, Support, ATK Up
F Hall ATK Down, DPS, DEF Down

How To Pick The Best Esper In Dislyte

When picking the best Esper in Dislyte, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, look at the Esper’s stats, such as attack, defense, and speed. These stats will determine how well the Esper can perform in battle.

Secondly, look at the Esper’s unique abilities, such as spells and attacks. Lastly, consider the cost of the Esper; while more powerful Espers may be more expensive, they can also be well worth the investment.

How To Reroll In Dislyte

Rerolling in Dislyte is a simple process. First, you must go to the game’s “Settings” page. From there, select “Reset Account” and confirm the reset. This will delete all your progress, allowing you to start with a fresh account again. You can use this to try and get the best characters or items available.

Once you’ve reset your account, you can return to the character selection screen. You can select the character you want to use for your new account here. After selecting your character, the game will give you some starting materials and equipment. From here, you can choose which upgrades you want to purchase or which quests you want to pursue.

Finally, you can enter the game and begin playing once you’ve selected. Remember, rerolling can be a great way to get the best characters or items available, so don’t be afraid to try it out if you’re feeling adventurous!

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