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Smite Tier List Latest Season (March 2023) Complete Guide

We know you love to play smite, but still, you don’t know about smite tier list and which player is perfect. So here we will provide your complete details on this to know more about players. no matter if you are a new or old player this complete smite tire list will help you to know more about every top and low player.

We will share with you all tiers from S-tier to F-tier with complete details to know which character is more powerful and which character has low powers.

Do you know? if you select the wrong player in your team then this is harmful to your team and you will face heavy damage. So read our article and get complete information on smite god tier list and make your team stronger with the right information.

Latest Season Smite Tier List

Smite is a popular game and millions of people download smite daily thousands of people play this game and smite has a siege, assault, and conquest modes to play. But if you don’t know about the tier list then this is a bit difficult for you to select the perfect player for your team. From smite tier list guide we will tell you which player is better than the other one and select them in your team.

Once you understand which character has more power and is perfect for your team then this is easy for you to select your team.

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Smite S Tier List

Smite tier s character is powerful and this tier comes in the first place. Always try to get players from this tier if a character is perfect for your team otherwise take from other tiers.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Yemoja Ranged Magical
Heimdallr Ranged Physical
Odin Melee Physical
Tsukuyomi Melee Physical
Kukulkan Ranged Magical
Set Melee Physical
Cthulhu Melee Magical
Olorun Ranged Magical

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Smite A Tier List

Smite A-tier has its own space in A-tier you will find lots of characters that fit in your team. Down all details are available to know and take any character If you think this one is perfect for your team.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Athena Melee Magical
Bastet Melee Physical
Jing Wei Ranged Physical
Merlin Ranged Magical
Raijin Ranged Magical
Tyr Melee Physical
Bakasura Melee Physical
Ao Kuang Melee Magical
Hera Ranged Magical
Susano Melee Physical
Ratatoskr Melee Physical
King Arthur Melee Physical
Ah Puch Ranged Magical
Agni Ranged Magical
Isis Ranged Magical
Ullr Ranged Physical
Janus Ranged Magical
Thor Melee Physical

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Smite B Tier List

Smite B is also a good tier and they are strong you will find many good players in this tier. this tier is not strong as the previous one but it’s supportive in many situations. If you correctly use their power you will win battles with this tier characters.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Kuzenbo Melee Magical
Cerberus Melee Magical
Fenrir Melee Physical
Baron Samedi Ranged Magical
Erlang Shen Melee Physical
Xbalanque Ranged Magical
Ravana Melee Physical
Persephone Ranged Magical
Cu Chulainn Melee Physical
Vamana Melee Physical
Ganesha Melee Magical
Da Ji Melee Physical
Geb Melee Magical
Discordia Ranged Magical
Ne Zha Melee Physical
Zeus Ranged Magical
Hercules Melee Physical
Thoth Ranged Magical
Ares Melee Magical
Chang’e Ranged Magical
Terra Melee Magical
Rama Ranged Physical
Vulcan Ranged Magical
Kumbhakarna Melee Magical
Pele Melee Physical
Chiron Ranged Physical
Hou Yi Ranged Physical
Zhong Kui Ranged Magical
Artio Melee Magical

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Smite C Tier List

Smite C tier list character is a good role-playing character to fight with your enemies. Tier c characters are not powerful as the previous ones but they have good if you use these tier characters perfectly.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Cernunnos Ranged Physical
Izanami Ranged Physical
Ra Ranged Magical
Sylvanus Ranged Magical
Serqet Melee Physical
Achilles Melee Physical
Mercury Melee Physical
Nemesis Melee Physical
Chronos Ranged Magical
Medusa Ranged Physical
Cupid Ranged Physical
Hun Batz Melee Physical
Sol Ranged Magical
He Bo Ranged Magical
Hachiman Ranged Physical
Khepri Melee Magical
Aphrodite Ranged Magical
Anhur Ranged Physical
Bellona Melee Physical
Scylla Ranged Magical
Neith Ranged Physical
Horus Melee Physical
The Morrigan Ranged Magical

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Smite D Tier List

Smite D tier characters are not powerful and people also not picking these tier characters in the team. But D-tier characters may help you in your team and fight normally with others same characters.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Chernobog Ranged Physical
Guan Yu Melee Physical
Sobek Melee Magical
Apollo Ranged Physical
Sun Wukong Melee Physical
Artemis Ranged Physical
Awilix Melee Physical
Thanatos Melee Physical
Nox Ranged Magical
Skadi Ranged Physical
Hades Ranged Magical
Xing Tian Melee Magical
Kali Melee Physical
Fafnir Melee Magical
Chaac Melee Physical
Ymir Melee Magical
Camazotz Melee Physical
Amaterasu Melee Magical
Nu Wa Ranged Magical
Bacchus Melee Magical
Jormungandr Ranged Magical

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Smite E Tier List

Smite E tier is characters low powers characters. In the E tier, you will find weak characters. But no issue if you know how to use E-tier characters.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Arachne Melee Physical
Poseidon Ranged Magical
Hel Ranged Magical
Cabrakan Melee Magical
Osiris Melee Physical
Nike Melee Physical

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Smite F Tier List

Smite F tier characters are lower and players are now taking characters from F tier because they now e tier characters are not powerful and waste of resources.

If F-tier characters fight with previous-tier characters then F-tier characters will lose the fight because F-tier characters are not powerful.

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Ah Muzen Cab Ranged Physical
Anubis Ranged Magical
Loki Melee Physical


I hope you love to read our Smite tier list guide, this article will help you to choose the right character in your team and win every single battle. Also, you will learn lots of things from this Smite tier list guide. Also, share with your friends who are playing smite game and don’t know about tiers.

Still, if you have any questions in your mind then please tell us in the comments section we will reply to you and solve your query.

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