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Revived Witch Tier List (March 2023) Top Characters Ranked

We know you are playing revived witch and looking for the revived witch tier list, Here in this blog post we are going to share with you the latest working revived witch tier list to know more about this game and know which character is perfect for your team.

Revived witch tier list tells you which character is perfect. Every character has their own power. So select the right player for your team.

Revived witch game is available for mobile and ios devices, you can download this game on your device to play for free. So let’s begin to revived witch tier list to read and know more about the best character ranks.

Revived Witch Tier List

We are going to share with you revived witch global version tier list to take benefit from this list. This list is so helpful for you to select the right character in-game and save your resource because one character needs lots of resources to unlock or upgrade.

Revived Witch Tier S

Character Class Faction
Mayahuel Mage & Mercury Natural Law
Amanami Compeller & Mercury Kalavin
Mineer Mage & Mercury Waxing Moon
Tuonel Healer & Saltstone Child of Taboo
Afallen Guardian & Mercury Light of the Sanctuary
Ella Destroyer & Saltstone Ancient Inheritance
Celanya Assassin & Brimstone Dashing Arrows
Metamorphoses Compeller & Saltstone Soul Collection

Revived Witch Tier A

Character Class Faction
Lilia Mage & Mercury Aurora’s Blessing
Goorveig Compeller & Mercury Call of the Abyss
Ushpia Mage & Mercury Paralyzed
Nannar Guardian & Mercury Reflection of the Mirror
Cynetia Healer & Saltstone Joy of Agony
Arcana Compeller & Mercury Foresight
Caledonia Guardian & Brimstone Sacred Beast Strengthen
Cersivey Compeller & Mercury Divine Judgment
Flora Healer & Saltstone Cheerful Chord
La Crima Compeller & Mercury Tear of Pearl
Akasha Assassin & Brimstone Field of Swords
Yui Destroyer & Saltstone Spear Princess

Revived Witch Tier B

Character Class Faction
Luan Guardian & Mercury Rebirth
Tama Compeller & Saltstone Hollow Dream
Inn & Lou Assassin & Brimstone Precise Execution
Pakane Mage & Mercury Frozen Body
Kyphon Destroyer & Saltstone Restless
Norn Healer & Brimstone Holy Heart

Revived Witch Tier C

MikuDestroyer & SaltstoneBravery in Battle

Character Class Faction
Croche Healer & Brimstone Dark Contract
Shuffle Assassin & Brimstone Thirst
Primula Healer & Brimstone Flower Dress
Nocturna Assassin & Brimstone Eternal Night
Anemone Mage & Mercury Frozen Body
Fey Destroyer & Saltstone Penetrate
Viola Mage & Mercury Rebuild
Mikoto Compeller & Mercury Soulbound
Octavia Destroyer & Saltstone Windrunner
Yothaya Healer & Saltstone Heart of Healer
Yurugu Guardian & Mercury Power of Void
Cetess Guardian & Brimstone Scarlet Dance
Ruda Healer & Brimstone Collect
Miku Destroyer & Saltstone Bravery in Battle
Cuspidata Mage & Mercury Evil Eye
Elis Assassin & Brimstone Hunting Instinct
Eulalia Healer & Saltstone Celestial Blessing
Acheronte Mage & Mercury Divine Tsundere
Czerni Compeller & Mercury Wordsmaster
Hilda Destroyer & Saltstone Royal Glory
Nemesi Assassin & Brimstone Spot Weakness
Mortimer Healer & Saltstone Delicate Hands

How to Reroll in Revived Witch

That’s so easy to reroll in revived witch game. Reroll featured is given in-built so that’s not difficult to reroll. If you really want to reroll then click on reroll button to reroll in-game with a new character you can reroll many times in-game. You don’t need to clear your game caches and storage.


I hope this article is helpful for you to know more about revived witch tier. We research on revived witch then create this tier list for you to read and become a batter player. If you have a question then comment we will answer you and also share with other players who are playing revived witch game. If you know more secret about revived witch please also tell us than other people will know about this.

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