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Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List & Reroll (May 2023)

Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list game is an Initial release date: November 4, 2022, we know that’s not easy for everyone to select a character because this game is new and everybody don’t know about this game and that’s the main reason to select a good character in your team.

Nikke is a shooter game, you can fight with your enemies and bring them down with new guns and different characters to survive and it’s available on ios and android platforms to download and play. you can download and free to play but the in-game item is not free.

Here is the nikke tier list tier starting from S and ending on the D tier, we will update this list once a new character is released from a developer. This tier list guide helps you to select the right character and play.

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Tier List

How could we know without any information which nikke character is perform well or perform worst? Below, we share the complete list with you to read more about the nikke character tier list and select your team.

Nikke Tier List SSR

This is Overpowered (SSR) this one is the most powerful tier in the game. in this tier, you will get attacker, defender, supporter, etc.

Characters Class Element Tier
Scarlet Attacker Electric SSR
Liter Supporter Iron SSR
Ludmila Defender Water SSR

Nikke Tier List SS

SS is the second most powerful tier in the game. this tier character is performing very well you can easily select players from this tier without any doubts if you needed players.

Characters Class Element Tier
Privaty Attacker Water SS
Novel Defender Iron SS
Harran Attacker Electric SS
Volume Attacker Wind SS
Noah Defender Wind SS
Pepper Supporter Wind SS

Nikke Tier List S

This one is the Strong tier (S), you can select character for your task and battles to fight with your enemies.

Characters Class Element Tier
Neon Supporter Fire S
Signal Attacker Fire S
Helm Attacker Water S
Dolla Supporter Wind S
Milk Attacker Water S
Yuni Defender Fire S
Admi Supporter Wind S
Exia Supporter Electric S
Sugar Attacker Iron S
Drake Attacker Fire S
Poli Defender Water S
Brid Attacker Water S
Julia Attacker Iron S
Rapi Attacker Fire S
Guillotine Attacker Electric S
Snow White Attacker Iron S

Nikke Tier List A

A is a good tier and it performs well if your enemy is not smart and does not have powerful enemies.

Characters Class Element Tier
Laplace Attacker Iron A
Rupee Attacker Iron A
Delta Defender Wind A
Frima Supporter Fire A
Rapunzel Supporter Iron A
Miranda Attacker Fire A
Crow Defender Fire A
Maxwell Attacker Iron A
Belorta Attacker Electric A
Centi Defender Iron A
Noise Supporter Electric A
N102 Supporter Water A
Emma Supporter Fire A
Yan Supporter Fire A
Alice Attacker Fire A
Anis Defender Iron A
Maiden Attacker Electric A

Nikke Tier List B

Tier B is a weak tier, not very well like the previous list but good to take characters from tier B.

Characters Class Element Tier
Ether Defender Electric B
Yulha Attacker Fire B
Aria Attacker Water B
Epinel Attacker Wind B
Mary Supporter Water B
Diesel Defender Wind B
Folkwang Defender Water B
Mica Supporter Wind B

Nikke Tier List C

Tier C is a poor tier and does not perform well, you can take a character from this tier for some simple and easy tasks not for wars.

Characters Class Element Tier
Mihara Defender Water C
Isabel Attacker Electric C
Vesti Attacker Water C
Eunhwa Attacker Fire C
Soline Attacker Iron C

So that’s it all about the goddess of victory nikke tier list, This tier list tells you which character has which power and which character performs well. We shared all characters with their performances, but if we miss or in the next update game developer launched new characters we will add new characters as soon as possible to this list.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Reroll Guide

  • Use Temp email
  • When your account is login then play the game from the tutorial and from chapters 1-4
  • The next step is select “Recruit”
  • The next step is to draw the character
  • Nest step is to go to the login screen and then restart the game app.
  • Now next step is to log out of your account.
  • Then log in from another account
  • once you log in then draw a previous account character
  • Repeat this steps until you get the right and perfect results


So that’s all about a goddess of victory: nikke tier list. Every single mission is different and every mission wants different characters we also need different powers to fight enemies. Still, if you have some questions for a goddess of victory: nikke then drop in the comment section we will replay you and solve your query.

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