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Arknights Tier List (May 2023) Operators & Characters List

Here we are going to share with you Arknights tier lists to know which character is best for your team, as some Operators excel in specific scenarios but may not perform well in others.

It is important to note that no tier list can accurately compare all Operators in every situation and should not be used as a replacement for understanding the game.

This Arknights tier list is designed to help you build the best squad possible. We’ve put each character into one of eight classes, from S-ranked Operators that are essential in any squad, to F-ranked Operators that should be avoided. We’ve also included their rarity and other useful information to help you make an informed decision.

With this tier list, you can easily identify which Operators you should prioritize in your squad and which ones can be used as filler. You can also use it to find the rarest Operators in each class, allowing you to make the most of your limited resources. So use this tier list to build the strongest squad possible and enjoy the game!

What are the Classes in Arknights?

In Arknights, all Operators are divided into eight distinct classes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. From the long-ranged Sharpshooters to the melee-focused Vanguards, every class brings something different to the battlefield.

  • Caster
  • Specialist
  • Vanguard
  • Guard
  • Defender
  • Medic
  • Sniper
  • Supporter

Arknights Tier Casters

Casters are characters in video games who specialize in ranged magical attacks. They are usually spellcasters, such as wizards, witches, or priests, and they use spells to damage enemies from a distance. Casters can be found in many different types of games, from RPGs to strategy games and more.

Arknights Tier S Casters

Operator Tier
Ceobe S
Mostima S
Eyjafjalla S
Ifrit S

Arknights Tier A Casters

Operator Tier
Skyfire A
Beeswax A
Amiya A
Leonhardt A
Absinthe A
Gitano A
Mint A

Arknights Tier B Casters

Operator Tier
Haze B
Tomimi B
Click B
Leize B
Greyy B
Nightmare B

Arknights Tier C Casters

Operator Tier
Steward C
Lava C

Arknights Tier D Casters

Operator Tier
Durin D
12F D

Arknights Tier Specialist

The game features a variety of Specialist characters, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Arknights Tier S Specialist

Operator Tier
Phantom S
Weedy S
Aak S
Projekt Red S

Arknights Tier A Specialist

Operator Tier
Waai Fu A
Feater A
Cliffheart A
Jaye A
Ethan A
Manticore A
Gravel A

Arknights Tier B Specialist

Operator Tier
Snowsant B
Rope B
Shaw B

Arknights Tier C Specialist

Operator Tier

Arknights Tier Vanguard

Vanguard is typically the most sought-after for specific roles and is often the backbone of any successful team. Operators in this tier include the likes of SilverAsh, Hoshiguma, Shadow, and Bloodblade.

These Operators are often well-rounded in terms of stats, abilities, and overall effectiveness, making them the go-to choice for many players.

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Arknights Tier S Vanguard

Operator Tier
Siege S
Bagpipe S
Myrtle S
Elysium S

Arknights Tier A Vanguard

Operator Tier
Zima A
Texas A
Reed A
Vigna A

Arknights Tier B Vanguard

Operator Tier
Grani B
Chiave B
Scavenger B
Courier B

Arknights Tier C Vanguard

Operator Tier
Vanilla C
Plume C
Fang C

Arknights Tier D Vanguard

Operator Tier
Yato D

Arknights Tier Guard

The tier guards in Arknights are the various characters that players can use to protect their base from enemies. The higher the tier of the guard, the better the stats and abilities they have.

The highest tier guard is the S-Tier, with many powerful abilities and stats. These characters are generally used in the late game, as they are extremely powerful.

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Arknights Tier S Guard

Operator Tier
Thorns S
Lappland S
Blaze S
Skadi S
Surtr S
Ch’en S
Specter S
Hellagur S
SilverAsh S

Arknights Tier A Guard

Operator Tier
Whislish A
Broca A
Franka A
Astesia A
Utage A
Bibeak A
Indra A
Ayerscarpe A
Flint A

Arknights Tier B Guard

Operator Tier
Sideroca B
Arene B
Estelle B
Matoimaru B
Savage B
Frostleaf B
Conviction B
Melantha B
Beehunter B
Jackie B
Flamebringer B
Mousse B
Cutter B

Arknights Tier C Guard

Operator Tier
Swire C
Midnight C
Castle-3 C
Popukar C

Arknights Tier D Guard

Operator Tier
Dobermann D

Arknights Tier Defender

In Arknights, the Tier Defender is a type of Operator that specializes in protecting and defending important locations. Tier Defenders are generally tank-type Operators and tend to have high HP and Defense, as well as powerful defensive abilities.

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Arknights Tier S Defender

Operator Tier
Saria S
Hoshiguma S
Blemishine S
Mudrock S
Eunectes S
Nian S
Liskarm S

Arknights Tier A Defender

Operator Tier
Croissant A
Vulcan A
Asbestos A
Cuora A
Bison A
Nearl A

Arknights Tier B Defender

Operator Tier
Mattherhorn B
Dur-Nar B
Hung B
Bubble B
Gummy B

Arknights Tier C Defender

Operator Tier
Spot C
Cardigan C
Beagle C

Arknights Tier D Defender

Operator Tier
Noir Corne D

Arknights Tier Medic

The Arknights medic tier list is an ever-evolving ranking system of Operators in the game. The medic tier list is based on the Operator’s ability to heal, support, and protect their team.

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Arknights Tier S Medic

Operator Tier
Warfarin S
Silence S
Shining S

Arknights Tier A Medic

Operator Tier
Whisperain A
Ceylon A
Perfumer A
Nightingale A
Ptilopsis A

Arknights Tier B Medic

Operator Tier
Sussurro B
Breeze B
Gavial B
Folinic B
Myrrh B

Arknights Tier C Medic

Operator Tier
Hibiscus C
Ansel C
Lancet-2 C

Arknights Tier Sniper

Arknights Sniper is a character featured in the game Arknights. He is an expert sharpshooter and specializes in long-range sniping. He has a calm and collected attitude and is often seen with a stoic expression. He is also known for his exceptional accuracy and can hit targets from hundreds of meters away.

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Arknights Tier S Sniper

Operator Tier
Exusiai S
Rosa S
Meteorite S
Rosmontis Schwarz S

Arknights Tier A Sniper

Operator Tier
Provence A
Andreana A
Greythroat A
Blue Poison A
Platinum A
Firewatch A

Arknights Tier B Sniper

Operator Tier
Vermeil B
Aciddrop B
Executor B
Sesa B
Aosta B
Shirayuki B
April B
May B

Arknights Tier C Sniper

Operator Tier
Catapult C
Meteor C
Jessica C
Ambriel C
Kroos C

Arknights Tier D Sniper

Operator Tier
Adnachiel D
Rangers D

Arknights Tier Supporter

In Arknights, Supporters are characters that have powerful buffs that help your team in PvE and PvP battles.

Supporters can be unlocked in the game by playing specific game modes, like Story Missions, and by completing certain Challenges. Supporters are beneficial and can turn the tide of a fight if used correctly.

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Arknights Tier S Supporter

Operator Tier
Suzuran S
Angelina S
Scene S
Magallan S
Shamare S

Arknights Tier A Supporter

Operator Tier
Sora A
Istina A
Glaucus A
Pramanix A
Mayer A

Arknights Tier B Supporter

Operator Tier
Tsukinogi B
Podenco B
Deepcolor B

Arknights Tier C Supporter

Operator Tier
Orchid C
Earthspirit C


The Arknights Tier List is invaluable It helps players determine the best operators for their team and how to prioritize their resources. With its constantly updated data, the Tier List offers an accurate and detailed representation of the current meta.

It should be used in conjunction with personal experience and judgment in order to make the best decisions for any given team composition.

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